A Recap in Black: Happily Natural Day ATL at Black August RBG Family Reunion

Happily Natural Day (HND) is an african centered business expo, cultural arts and craft trade show, and two day holistic health, cultural awareness and social change conference plus hip hop, soul and spoken word showcase featuring fashion and natural hair exhibitions. The mission of Happily Natural Day is to promote holistic health, cultural awareness and social change in the African American community. The festival is more than about hairstyles; our focus is on living naturally. Founded in 2003; 2012 marked the 10th Annual Celebration of HND. Our 2014 celebrations will take place in Richmond, Virginia @ Plant Zero (August 8-10th) and Atlanta Georgia @ South Cobb Recreation Center (August 15-17th) .

Are You Exhibiting at Happily Natural Day? Check out the list of guests from last year!

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Join FTP "Movement for the People"

The FTP Movement is a machine and what makes the machine work is the belief in family ties, trust, loyalty, integrity, discipline and punctuality.

The FTP Movement is an innovative community whirlwind and recognized organizational conglomerate. A bright vivid picture of the changing of the guards, the Movement’s primary focus is to serve as an activator of the community. The FTP Movement is a strong advocate of building institutions and providing practical solutions for the people. We believe in putting theory into practice by implementing viable programs that actually benefit those who need them most.

The FTP Movement deals with a plethora of issues including (but not limited to); Education, hunger, homelessness, police brutality, political prisoners, health, youth development and gang intervention.

Taking on the mantra “Elders for counsel, Youth for war”, FTP has a proven magnetic attraction amongst the youth. FTP has been able to maintain it’s stay along the vein of youth culture, because we keep our finger on the pulse. We are successful amongst the youth, because we are constantly surrounded by the youth. When we say youth we are generally speaking about people under 40. We seek advice from those who came before us, and we modernize our methods to organize more effectively.

The Happily Natural Day CSA

Happily Natural also manages the Richmond Noir Market; an urban farmers market that serves low income communities by providing access to organic fresh fruits and vegetables. In 2010 Happily Natural Day launched the Happily Natural Day CSA to address health disparities in low income communities by partnering with Salim Farms and offering 20 pounds of healthy produce & fruit for $20 dollars in areas designated as "food deserts". In 2011 the program was approved by the USDA to accept SNAP (supplemental nutritional assistance program) or food stamp benefits. Register today for 20 weeks of 20 pounds of assorted fruits and vegetables for $320.

Register: HNDCSA or Join: Richmond Noir Market Facebook

Happily Natural Urban Agriculture Project

Living naturally is more than just about a hairstyle. In May of 2012 Happily Natural Day launched the McDonough Community Garden! After coordinating the Richmond Noir Market for three years, we realized the importance of growing fresh organic fruits and vegetables & making them accessible, the cultural impacts plus the health and economic benefits. We have developed a youth urban agriculture summer program and are currently seeking volunteers for the garden. We are currently building our drip irrigation system and have installed a greenhouse for 4 season gardening. Check our Tumblr Page to stay connected The work is currently underway! Also major thanks to Tricycle Gardens for the Golden Trowel Award for Outreach and Education!

To Get Involved Visit Our Garden Blog